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"Luke has helped me to identify my life purpose and unblock trauma from my past. The self-limiting beliefs and fear based thoughts that were on repeat in my mind are now an afterthought. I finally feel that I can move on and leave those toxic memories and negative thoughts behind me. I’m blown away with Luke’s coaching style because it’s different from any other process I have worked through in the past. At first, I was skeptical about working with a male coach, but for me it’s been way more healing. The tools, meditations, and weekly coaching sessions have lifted my spirit and I feel more centered and spiritually aligned with my life’s work."

- Stephanie S.

(Fashion Designer)

"I was very impressed by Luke's desire and capacity to help me overcome some major life obstacles that I was facing. His ability to compassionately listen and help me get to the root of why I was suffering, helped me create a strategic plan to move forward. I always felt his sincerity as someone who is working to make the world a better place by bringing out the best in the people first and foremost. I feel absolutely safe talking with Luke about anything and can count on receiving what I need to hear back at that point in time. Thank you Luke!"

- Corey K.

(Yogi, Marketing Consultant)

"I came into this process with a lot of walls up, and I couldn’t trust myself. As I worked with Luke, I continually felt heard, seen, and, most of all, SAFE. He met me where I was at during each session and was able to walk alongside me as he helped me understand my patterns and the deeper root cause of my pain. He offered me so many excellent tools to work with my nervous system in the moments that I was sure I’d stay stuck in forever. Luke forever changed my life. I have gained an enormous sense of self-worth, self-acceptance, and I am thrilled to be living in alignment with my real purpose."

- Demi B.

(Mom, Barre Instructor & Coach)